who writes this

Except where specifically mentioned, all posts, photographs and videos in this blog are written/shot by — please note my complex and unwieldy nom-de-plume — [臧泰Taizō], a...

feminist inked Chilango 🌵 | humanist Jew mutt ✡️ | honorary Beiruti–Beijinger–Torontois globetrotter 🌏 | change-craving atheist queer poly vegan 🍲

I blog about travel and daily life here and there, [used to, SIGHproduce a podcast about linguistics, and am passionate about my work. This blog serves as an outlet for one of my passions: seeing and exploring the world, and experiencing life where luck provides a chance. 

You can also see me signing/writing/posting as simply 臧泰, Zāng Tài, or @zangtai_taizo, depending on the medium.   

As to how to pronounce 臧泰... [WARNING: GEEKINESS AHEAD] I myself use a Pekignese accented Mandarin reading, which in Pinyin is spelled as Zāng Tài and in the IPA as [tsɑɯ̃˥ tʰaɪ˥˩]. A rather rough approximation would be Dzahng Tigh. In the end, I'm not obsessed about it, so your own approximation is as fine as anybody's.