those tag clouds

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog, you'll see tag clouds under numerous headings. What does all that mean?


This one is sort of self-explanatory. Posts are grouped according to countries, regions (you know, states like California in the USA, provinces like Alberta in Canada, cultural areas like Amdo in China...) and cities (sometimes more like towns or villages too). This is not a comprehensive list of places visited, though, because that would make it way too long!


I guess this was almost like a catch-all category. You can find stuff on queer subjects (the "alternative" cloud), on art and culture (also self-explanatory) and on Yiddishkeit (anything related to Jewish culture, both religious and non-religious). The cloud at the bottom, "anniversaries", is for posts about my anniversaries with my partner of 16 years (and who I've called many things in my posts, most recently "my habib" or "the habibi").


So, I've had the amazing luck of living in different places. This one sort of overlaps a bit with the "places I've visited" heading, of course, since I also do travel as much as possible wherever I live. But it's still a separate category as all these countries AND CITIES hold a special place in my heart – I lived in Lebanon for some 2 years and a half, in China on three separate occasions for a total of 7 years, in Canada for five years, and in Mexico (which is where I'm from)... well, the rest of the time!

So, there. This is probably not a very useful page. But hey, who knows?

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