Wednesday, December 06, 2017

bye bye Korea, bye bye Japan

Getting from Busan to Mexico City takes a long time. So, basically, I spent like 24 hours on planes and at airports. My main activities?

Well, at Gimhae Airport (that's the airport serving Busan), since I had got up at around 4am, I had a very Asian breakfast, with abalone porridge followed by a kimchi-esque onigiri. I think the porridge was way better – there is something very comforting about these rice-based warm soupy things in winter...

At least, my early-as-hell rise meant I could see the sunrise from the plane and bid farewell to Korea. 

Once on the plane and with the Korean coastline out of sight, it was a fully Japanese experience, as I was travelling with All Nippon Airways and I was also going to spend a whole 7 hours in Narita Airport! How do you fill seven hours? Easy!

You try unadon (鰻丼), or unagi donburi. That is, glazed eel on a bowl of rice.  

You can also go shopping at any of the numerous shops selling Japanese items, like Akihabara. I bought plenty of mochi and wasabi snacks for back home!

You can then go on and try a kimono! Well, actually, you can't, because this was a temporary thing and I just happened to be at the right place at the right time! They had both male and female kimonos and, with plenty of time to spare, I was more than happy to try one! It took three women to help me put it on! And wow, does that thing constrict your thorax! But it was so much fun.

Finally, you try some Japanese craft brewskies. The Tokyo stout I tried was pretty good! Followed by a red one, followed by boarding my flight to Mexico City!

Finally, on the plane, you simply enjoy your bento dinner, and ask for plenty more beer, especially Kirin. Even airplane food is OK if you fly Japanese, eh? 

So, there. Another whirlwind trip to Asia. But there will be more...

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