Friday, November 10, 2017

Dhaka – the odd pic and desserts

OK, here's my final post on Dhaka. Crazy, right? I barely spent 48 hours there, yet I've managed to publish four posts! It was one very interesting visit, I have to say!

Anyhow, one night they offered us this cultural show. Like all traditional dances that have been adapted to be performed out of context, it was nice, but definitely not moving. Still, what I really enjoyed was that it indeed did reflect a strong national identity, an intense "Bangla-ness"?   

So, that was the "odd pic". Now, the food? I was hoping I'd have the chance to wander around some market and taste a number of local delicacies. Alas, time was short, and I never ended up in a market-like area. So my taste of Bangladesh had to come from the hotel, especially the breakfast buffet. Fortunately, though half the food was Chinese (lots of Chinese visitors!), the other half was fully Bengali! Yay! 

I took a risk, and decided to put a bit of every single Bengali dish I could find. For breakfast. But it was then or never, right? And. I. Loved. It. So good! And even spicier than the Indian food I used to have in a very authentic restaurant in Toronto! These people like their stuff hot!

And to drink? Masala tea! I asked the waiter what he'd had for his own breakfast, and he said "Masala tea". So I said "bring me the same"! Really nice, heavy with spices, delicious!

I had got up to leave, but then I passed a table with white stuff, which I had assumed was tofu. Then I realized it was yogourt! And some milk-based desserts! Well, I couldn't resist, and served myself four of these things! They were all amazing, but the yogourt? That was out of this world! It was the perfect texture, the perfect level of tartness! Too yummy! 

I had one final chance to try Bengali stuff at the airport, the night I left – sweets! There were like three different sweet shops, so I scouted them and chose the one with the nicest variety, and asked if I could buy five single items. The guy thought it was funny I didn't want a box of a single one, but he obliged. And that was my final taste of Bangladesh – a sweet farewell!

Shame I had so little time to explore, but glad I did manage to experience what I did!

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