Friday, July 14, 2017

unfathomable history

I've been living in the historic centre of Mexico City for some three years now. And it doesn't cease to amaze me. This is a picture of a square just some blocks from where we are. That little chapel in the middle of Plaza de la Concepción had been under renovation for quite a while. The Capilla de la Concepción Cuepopan, from the 18th century and the only example of its kind in the historic centre now stands there, proud, unique. 

That chapel has been, beyond a chapel and in different moments, a repository for bodies of those who couldn't afford burial, and a library as well. 

To my back (when taking the photo) lies the oldest nunnery of Mexico, from 1540. Behind the chapel there's a blue house with the cutest of balconies; it dates from the Porfiriato and it's either late 18th or early 19th century.  To the side is a soup kitchen for the homeless community the Comedor Comunitario Vicentino). You'll find varying numbers of homeless people and drug addicts here, depending on the day and time.

These are the corners of the historic centre which make me drop my camera and just take it all in through my eyes. Because there's just so, so much to see, and to explore, and to know. This part of my city is unfathomable in the deepest, truest sense of the word. 

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