Friday, July 07, 2017

Shakshuka at last!

Yay! We've found an Israeli style eatery (a "hummusiya") in Colonia Condesa! And they have breakfasts! And they have... shakshuka!!! I think I found this place (Merkavá) on Google on a weekday, and we were practically counting the days for Sunday to go there for brunch!

So, behold, shakshuka (شكشوكة / שקשוקה) with Israeli Salad (סלט ירקות ישראלי, also known as Arab Salad سلطة عربية), Feta cheese, Pita bread, and refreshing (if just a tad too sweet) Limonana (ليمون نعناع / לימונענע), a drink from lemon juice and spearmint leaves. Nom nom!     

I believe the first (and last!) time we might have had shakshuka was in the mountains of Lebanon, over 13 years ago. But that's a really old memory and I can't guarantee it was shakhsuka we had. 

Anyhow, if there was one kind of food we were missing in Mexico City, it was Israeli. I mean, we have rather easy access to the cuisines that matter most to us – Russian, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Lebanese...  And now, thanks to Merkavá, we can add Israeli to the list! Can't wait to go back for some Georgian Khatchapouri, or some Turkish Bourekas, or some Lithuanian-American challah and corned beef Reuben sandwich, or some Polish latkes, or some of their numerous salatim (appetizers, مزة / סלאטים). 

Bon appétit! !سحتين! בתאבון

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