Thursday, June 15, 2017

the Queer States of America

It's Pride month! Like many other places in the world, Mexico City is seeing its share of events, parties, festivities, gatherings, and whatnot to celebrate the city's crazy sexual diversity and to promote respect for all of us minorities who are also part of this megalopolis.

And the Embassy of the United States of America was not going to be left behind, especially after the participation of Amb. Roberta S. Jacobson last year in Mexico City's Pride march! So June 2nd they turned their usual Friday happy hour into an LGBTQ happy hour, inviting other diplomatic and government personnel to participate, having the Mexico team of "It gets better" doing interviews, with the gay choir of Mexico City (I didn't even know we had one!) performing some songs, with rainbow coloured drinks.

Me and two colleagues had an absolute blast, meeting people, dancing, in a most inclusive and LGBTQ-friendly atmosphere... It was one hell of a party! And it was fun seeing people on the street looking our way and wondering "but isn't that an Embassy? what's going on there!?" LOL

And who knows, this party and the participation of not just the US Embassy but of some other 15 embassies in this year's Pride march may be announcing a turning point in how government is involved in LGBTQ issues... (more on that soon, hopefully!).

More like these, please?

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