Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mexico City's 39th Pride

The last couple of years I've been to Mexico City's Pride (Marcha del Orgullo LGBTTTI de la Ciudad de México) as an observer, running up and down its length like mad, taking photos, and enjoying the crazy diversity of groups participating in it – you can read on the 2015 march here and on the 2016 one here.

This year, things were somewhat different because... I participated myself in the march! Also, just briefly, in Mexico this is called a march, and not a parade – even though it's become more and more celebratory in nature, it does retain an air of a fight for rights. Anyhow, like I said, I marched! With help from colleagues, I got ridiculously close to getting my workplace to participate in an official manner. It was something I had been working on for almost two years. Alas, last minute someone threw in a bureaucratic wrench of low ethics and high cowardice coated in legalese – me and a whole bunch of excited people were left high and dry to march as just our individual selves. 

On the bright side, this was the first time many of those colleagues marched, and their very positive experience will probably mean even more allies when we attempt an official participation next year. And I got to march alongside very good and loving friends, as well as my team members! And since the Jewish group (Guimel) was just a few steps behind us, I could even slide into and out of both groups and participate and support doubly!      

Some 200,000 people participated. Of all walks of life. Of all orientations and genders. Which is why I love this march so much. And now I can say I was part of it!

And since I was in such an energetic mood, I can say the partying didn't stop until next day! I still had a post-march celebration with a cousin of mine. It was nice to reconnect with family – probably the only other member of my very big family that is out as non-straight – and also to allow myself to be a bit silly and get a tad tipsy? LOL 

And afterwards? A fetish party at an underground club called Foro Normandie! The music was awesome, as it usually is there, and it was too much fun dancing with people dressed in fetish gear of many kinds. Sexiness and great music and fabulous setting, yeah! 

And next day? Brunch with "bottomless mimosas" at a boutique hotel (Stara). Great food, good company, a bit of a hangover...

So, I may not have as many cool pics as previous years (OK, I don't have practically ANY good pics – the downside to marching?), but my Pride this year had activism that'll make it better for others, lots of camaraderie, quite some sexiness, plenty of partying, delicious food, ideas and strategies for next year... Not bad at all. Not. At. All.

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