Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Die Antwoord!!!

I wasn't really aware of the existence of Die Antwoord until I saw a photography exhibition by Roger Ballen that also featured a video he helped produce for Die Antwoord. I recognized the video, totally loved it, and that was the gateway for listening more of this very unusual South-African rap group. 

Sure, I was not that crazy about all their songs, but there were plenty that had this rough, quirky, unique South-African style called Zef, and I became a fan. And when I heard they were coming to Mexico City, I bought tickets as soon as they became available!

This was probably the biggest concert I had been to in over a decade. But the place (the Pepsi Center) was pretty good, and I really enjoyed standing with all the people and jumping and just having a hell of a good time! And of course Ninja and Yo-landi (the rappers that form the group) didn't fail to play some favourites like Baby's on Fire, Fatty Boom Boom and I Funk U Freeky – so good, so good!

Even the habibi, despite the big crowd, the occasional beer shower from somebody's glass, and the whiffs of pot that would waft our way, was excited and enjoying his wilder "Zef" side.

Total success. Pure madness.

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