Saturday, June 03, 2017

a bit of Persia in Mexico City

One of my favourite countries in the world to visit is Iran, where I've travelled around twice already. I think their mosques are some of the most beautiful in the whole Islamic world, I love the kindness and friendliness of its people, I love their love of poetry, and a long list of other things I love. So, when a friend told me the Iranian Embassy in Mexico was opening a fashion exhibition at the Museo Nacional de las Culturas (National Museum of Cultures), I definitely had to go!

It started with the usual – many and long opening words. But afterwards – and as a surprise to me, because I didn't know – there was a brief concert of Persian music! How awesome is that? I was so happy listening to this! The memories...

As for the exhibition, I had completely misunderstood what it was about. For some reason, I thought I was in for a photography exhibition of how female fashion had evolved in time. Which seemed fascinating to me, because in my two visits to Iran I could witness how women were always pushing the envelope of what was allowed, showing just a tad more hair, wearing sleeves that went just below the elbow, putting on a dash of makeup... But I was completely wrong, this was an exhibition of dresses by some designers. Which wasn't bad. But it was sort of anticlimactic and, as you can see, I didn't even bother taking photos.

But what we did get, which rounded up nicely the concert experience, was sugary treats! There was a mint drink, sweet as hell – as expected, of course! And gaz! A sort of Iranian nougat, this one came with pistachios! Yay! So lucky! 

Who'd have thought one Sunday we'd be enjoying music and sweets from that land we visited so many years ago!

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