Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Washington DC – of sleaze and junk food

Finally, my stay in Washington DC was not without some fun and experimenting with the local "cuisine".

Since I arrived on a Saturday, I went for a beer at one of the gay bars not far from Dupont Circle. Nothing special. Except that there I saw a bud I had met last summer in New York City at a crazy club called Easternbloc! He gave a tip for a Sunday party. Given the background of our NYC encounter, I was sure this Sunday party (at a Club called DC9) should be fun, and asked no further questions.

Sunday night, after meeting a friend from Beijing who was working now in DC (small world, right?), I headed to DC9. Then to the second floor, where the party was taking place – brilliant music, and a mostly buff, shirtless crowd in shorts, sportswear and other stuff way more revealing than my jeans! I had no idea what the theme of the party was, but it was one fun night! Cut a bit short, though, as next day I still had to go to work meetings!

And then, the food. All I can say is that the US is so lucky to have lots of immigrants that bring delicious cuisines with them, because... I don't know, the local might be curious, but delicious? I went to an institution, a place that's been around for a number of decades and through the ups and downs of the neighbourhood, and that's seen visits by presidents and media stars – Ben's Chili Bowl.

I asked for the traditional half-smoke, which is a half-pork half-beef smoked sausage, with a spoonful of chili and some onion. Along with some fries and a classical vanilla milkshake. I mean, it was fine. Not amazing, but I guess fine? Please don't hate me! I applaud that the place has been around for long!

The day I left, at the airport, I had a meal at Bar Symon. At least they had a curious burger and, despite how non-kosher it was in essence (I mean, bacon?) it had a Jewish twist as well, with pickles and challah bread instead of the usual bun! Accompanied by a local IPA called Corruption. Again, it was good. And at least a bit interesting. 

Finally, for dessert, I went for something by a chain called Froyo. Basically frozen yogourt. Cute. And you can make it as simple or as unhealthy as you want. Well, at least now I can say I've tried this stuff.

So, that's the whole Washington DC experience. Must definitely go back, particularly to enjoy all the wonderful museums I missed! And maybe not having to leave some crazy party too early wouldn't hurt either! Oh, and having the time to try any of the other local cuisines, like Ethiopian and Vietnamese!

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