Thursday, May 18, 2017

the City of Angels – of domes and churches

Churches and domes were a big part of the architectural experience in Puebla, of course. And, as you can tell, colour is as important a part of churches as it was for the facades and buildings you saw in my previous post.

But, at some point, they appear so numerous you simply stop worrying about their names and start just calling them by their colours or points from where you can see them. You know, like "the white church"...

"The blue church"...

"The domes and churches from the rooftop of Museo Amparo"...

At some point we were even joking that, whenever someone wanted to build a new church, they'd probably have to look at the pantone of remaining available colours. Because seriously, no two churches were painted the same! "Well, sorry, there's only kakhi left..." LOL 

But the one name we will definitely remember is the Templo de Santo Domingo or, more specifically, its chapel inside, the Capilla del Rosario, probably the most impressive example of baroque decor. It's pure madness and detail and cherubs and swirls and gold... It's absolutely beautiful, and so dense in visual information you really need quite a while to just sit down and take it all in.

Next post? It's not all about the outside – museums!

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