Saturday, May 27, 2017

the City of Angels – odds and ends

So, lemme see... what's left to say about Puebla? Well, there was this bazaar we went to on our very last morning. Lots of old stuff, some of it true antiques. In fact, as we were heading for some cold drinks (it was so hot) we passed by a gorgeous old radio! Like, those that were really tall, with numerous knobs for tuning to different kinds of stations and even different cities! I really wanted it! Of course, such a piece didn't come cheap and, once the owner told me how much it was, I had no choice but to go back to getting my cold drink. No amount of haggling could have brought it down to an affordable price for me!

There were some Huichol artisans by the bazaar, too. The Huichol people live in northern Mexico, and they're famous for their delicate and intricate bead work, usually covering animal figures in dazzling and colourful patterns. And they were working on their stuff right there!

Finally, remember that klezmer concert we went to at a synagogue in Mexico City? Well, that group came from Puebla, right? And we came across them by one of the main squares! So, here you have them again, the 100% Poblano and traditional-klezmer connoisseurs Grupo Klezmorino!

As you can see, we had an amazing time in Puebla. I'm really grateful the habib decided we visit on that May long weekend. Looking forward to exploring more of this unfathomably diverse and rich country that is home!

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