Tuesday, May 16, 2017

the City of Angels – architecture

I finally got to visit the city of Puebla, also know as Puebla de los Ángeles or la Ciudad de los Ángeles, as there is a legend about the city being traced by angels. Not that I had never been before, but I think I went when I was an adolescent who couldn't care less about anything cultural and that visit barely registered in my memory.

But the sweet habibi accepted we spending the May long weekend there, even though he had been to Puebla only recently. Also, it was the Cinco de Mayo (better known as the Batalla de Puebla here in Mexico) long weekend, so that was a fantastic coincidence, right? 

Now, just for those of you that might not know, the Batalla de Puebla (what many people in the US celebrate as Cinco de Mayo) was a battle Mexico won over the French, considered one of the best armies in the world, in 1862. That defeat of the French was a great inspiration for Mexico, and some historians argue it prevented the French from gaining a foothold in Mexico City to then support the Confederates in the US Civil War. In May 1863 the French finally defeated the Mexicans in Puebla, taking Mexico City in 1867. So, this is not our independence day, it was an inspiring victory followed by defeat a year later, it's a holiday celebrated almost exclusively in the state of Puebla, but it might have changed the future of the US.

After this long digression, back to the visit! We stayed at a fantastic Bed & Breakfast in an old house, in a huge room with a massive bed and sky-high ceilings, with wonderful hosts and amazing breakfasts, just seven – very long – blocks from the very centre of the city. And I took tons of photos! The architecture of the city is amazing! Puebla is famous for its baroque heritage, and it shows.Which is why I had to make a post just for architecture that was not churches (because I have a post just on churches, so many of them!). By the way, I acknowledge the quality of the photos is very bad, there was simply too much light. My apologies.

There was this strange castle-like building...

And will you look at that huge conch protruding from the corner? 

There is an important Lebanese influence, and there is the image of a cedar right at the top of this nice building. 

This old abandoned house was on our way to the centre. Loved it!

This beauty housed a Starbucks and an art gallery.

I would love to live in that square tower up there!

And what about these mad facades!

Vendor kiosks were amazing too!

And just so many curious and interesting buildings, just so many!

That immense building in the middle? the market!

And does that resemble a minaret or what?

So, this is just a glance. There are more posts coming, of course. With way too many photos. Because how can you choose among so many!

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