Tuesday, May 02, 2017

the burning of Judas

Finally, to finish my "trilogy" on this year's Easter – Good Saturday by the Kiosco Morisco (a place I've written about here: Santa María la Ribera).  

A friend of ours suggested we go here because there was an artisan's market with lots of traditional dolls, masks and figurines made from paper. Plenty of stands with gorgeous, colourful, very local pieces! We even bought a doll!

But the main draw was the burning of Judas, a tradition where effigies of Judas Iscariot are burned. Most looked like devils, but there was one that looked like our current president! When we arrived, some people were still putting the finishing touches on their effigies, although a very cute little devil was already hanging from a wire.

The burning – or, in this case, the exploding by fireworks – was preceded by music and dancing by the artists, some of them dressed in traditional costumes, some wearing their masks, some even carrying their effigies around.

And then, they set the first one – the little devil that was already hanging – on fire. We were so not ready for this! The thing started turning because of the fireworks inside it. And then, all of a sudden and without warning, it was blown to smithereens with the loudest boom! It really startled us! What a blast! When they hung up the other – much bigger – ones, we definitely took several steps back to have the crowd shield us! LOL

Apparently, the burning and pulque (a local white, slightly sour, fermented drink made from the sap of the maguey plant) are traditionally linked in central Mexico, for some reason, with some local pulquerías (pulque bars?) usually sponsoring some burnings or effigies. So we decided to end the celebration by going to a nearby pulquería called La Malquerida (the Unloved One) for a big jug of the very refreshing liquid. So good! 

And with this third post I'm done. I never thought I'd have such a fun and culture-rich Easter! So lucky!

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