Tuesday, May 30, 2017

House of Apocalipstick's No Ball

As I've mentioned before, we're always on the lookout for more alternative scenes and events. Luckily, the habib found out – through an artist he follows on Instagram – that there was going to be some sort of competition and party by House of Apocalipstick, a vogueing group! The ball was called, ironically, No Ball, and took place in a rather nondescript club in a slightly sketchy part of town, called Paradise Club.

I had seen people vogueing at different gay and gay-friendly events here in Mexico City, so the opportunity to see them all gathered seemed too amazing! By the way, vogueing started as a very stylized dance that originated with African American drag queens in the 60s, and which in a sense imitated the poses seen in fashion magazines like Vogue. You can see an example of this in Madonna's famous video "Vogue". Vogueing has kept evolving since and today incorporates newer styles (like Vogue Fem) which in turn incorporate new steps (like the Duckwalk, which you'll recognize in the video at the bottom).

Needless to say, we had an amazing time at this extremely queer space, watching people do catwalks, competing through their dance, and even mocking the heteronormative business world with a very satirical "business catwalk". 

Now, the light was not the best for taking a video, nor was the angle. But still, this should give you some idea of what was going on there:

This was a real breath of fresh air for us. Will definitely keep our eyes on House of Apocalipstick from now on!

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