Saturday, April 22, 2017

waffles at Behr Taller de Waffles

We have walked by this place in the Colonia Roma Norte a number of times. With just two small tables and stools for four people at the bar, we had never managed to sit down for brunch. Until a couple of weekends ago! 

Behr taller de Waffles – our new favourite waffle place. First off, we love sitting at the bar. We love doing it for Japanese food, for coffee, and waffles have proved to be no exception! Then, they have these very creative combinations! Though they do have vegan waffles, this one I'm gonna describe is the least vegan one of them all – it's called G.T.F.O.O.H., and it has fried cheddar, soft bacon, two eggs sunny side up, agave syrup... and sriracha! I have to say, this was delicious! And just look at the thickness of that waffle!

Coffee was good, though you'll finish so full from your massive waffle I don't know how many of you could still fit in even a coffee after that! And the service was excellent – I was even asked how my coffee was. I was honest and said my espresso was more acidic than I liked it (which doesn't make it good or bad, it's just a personal taste thing), and then the barista tried a different way of preparing the cup and gave me another one! So cool.

We'll be back. If we find a seat, that is!

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