Saturday, April 08, 2017

Prelude on Love

WARNING: This post contains some nudity. If you are offended by nudity in any form, please stop reading right now and switch to another post or page. By continuing to read further, you acknowledge you are not offended by nudity and that you consent to the content of this post. 

March 18th we headed to one of the more curious performance spaces in Mexico City – the Ex Teresa Arte Actual, a former convent that is often used for less mainstream art (for example, last year we went there for a post-porn fest). This time we were there to watch a performance by Mexican Ricardo Rubio and Dutch Robert Stijn – Prelude on Love [Investigación sobre la intimidad y la ternura masculinas] (Research on male intimacy and tenderness).

This was a four-hour long performance, though you could enter and leave the space at any moment. In fact, I don't think there were more than 3-5 spectators at any one time. Now, I'm not sure how to describe the performance. Robert seemed to be more... tender? More... sensual? Ricardo somewhat more... performative? conceptual? The performance seemed to hinge on one-hour cycles that ended in what resembled a sex act culminating in orgasm, which would then lead to a period of relaxation and tenderness, then exploration, then increasing intensity to arrive once again to love-making. Now, just so you know, there was no actual sex, just the representation of it, accompanied by some vocal work.  

I'm not sure what to make of what I saw. I liked some of the images, especially when both performers were lying intertwined on the floor. But I'm afraid I can't go any deeper... Still, I'm very glad there are spaces like these than can expose you to less conventional art, whether you enjoy the specific performance or not.

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