Thursday, April 06, 2017

Klezmer concert at Sinagoga Justo Sierra

I love the Sinagoga Histórica Justo Sierra, a renovated synagogue in the historic centre of Mexico City. I mean, I love the building, which was made in the style of a Lithuanian synagogue. And I love the people working there to bring Jewish culture to the broad public, really going out of their way to provide interesting cultural experiences. 

For Purim, mid-March, they contacted a most curious ensemble – a group from the city of Puebla that plays klezmer. Now, playing klezmer is special, for sure, but definitely not unique. So what set this ensemble apart? Well, none of them are Jewish. The leader of the group taught himself watching YouTube videos. And they strive to play a very pure form of klezmer, with no contemporary influences whatsoever. 

I wasn't sure about the quality of the group, because I myself had to rely on YouTube videos by others of them playing in the streets of Puebla. But once we got to hear 5 of the 12 members of Colectivo Klezmorino at the synagogue? 

Well, you be the judge:

Not bad at all, right? Actually, super good! It was an incredible concert, with lots of variety, including waltzes, wedding melodies, Romanian songs, nigunim (a form where lyrics are made of non-sensical syllables)... Oh, and to top it all, your ticket entitled you to a traditional Purim treat – hamentashen!

All of us – my habib, the sis and her partner – just loved it. Looking forward to more events by this synagogue!

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