Saturday, April 29, 2017

Good Friday by the Cathedral

Continuing with the Easter theme – my previous post was about a Good Thursday lunch, remember? – on Good Friday we went for a walk around the historic centre, specifically to the Zócalo, Mexico City's main square. 

Now, it being Good Friday, there were representations of the Passion of Jesus in a number of places, including exactly in front of Mexico City's Cathedral. In fact, this was a representation in the style of the ones made during colonial times, and the costumes and manner of speech were – unsurprisingly – very reminiscent of Spain instead of the Roman Empire.

Personally, I find the Passion of Jesus such a bloody and violent affair... but then again, it's a huge part of the local culture, so it was worth having a look.

And since we were there, we also entered the cathedral (the Catedral Metropolitana). I assume I had gone in some time before? but it had been so long I couldn't remember any details? So, this was pretty much like a first visit.

To begin with, this is the continent's largest cathedral. Period. Building already began in 1573, on top of an Aztec temple. And it's got one massive, impressive choir, in the central nave, rising majestically above you. In fact, the choir was so imposing and beautiful it was by far my favourite part of the cathedral...

So, we began with a Passover dinner, then a Romanian Easter lunch on Good Thursday, then a representation of the Passion of Jesus and a visit to the foremost cathedral in the continent for Good Friday... A very religious and culturally intense period, eh? But we were not done. We still had something special on Good Saturday... 

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