Thursday, April 27, 2017

a Romanian Easter

So, it seems we're not the only ones trying to keep up some traditions alive, because during Easter we were invited... to a Paști Românești! A Rumanian Easter dinner!

We have this friend from Romania who bravely decided he'd try to reproduce a traditional Romanian dinner, and invited us as guests along with some other people. Lucky us!

Among many, many interesting things:

He painted some boiled eggs red. The colour symbolizes the blood of Jesus Christ, and you're supposed to knock yours against someone else's and try and crack it. Once cracked, you can peel and eat it. We had the eggs with fresh scallions and rye bread. Nice! And there were other appetizers that looked a lot like the ones we used to have in Lebanon, like stuffed grape leaves, stuffed cabbage leaves (sarma) and eggplant purée.

Then followed the main dishes, including a leg of lamb – lamb is not normally eaten in Rumania, except for this holiday – and cozonac, a kind of sweet bread with raisins. Delicious! Oh, and another thing called pasca, another bread-based dish, but with a cheese filling. Our friend put so much work into this dinner! Amazing!

We left feeling incredibly full, very fortunate to have been invited to share this tradition, and also encouraged to try a *Passover dinner next year, which we saw as rather daunting but... it can't be more daunting than this Romanian feast! 

*By the way, we did go to a Passover dinner with a friend. A humanist, atheist, chaotic, fun, delicious Passover dinner, which also encourages me to attempt one at home next year.

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