Thursday, March 23, 2017


So, yeah, I missed my golden opportunity to eat oysters to my heart's content in Canada. Who'd have thunk I'd become a flexitarian here in Mexico City, right? Anyhow, I've already talked in previous posts about a really nice place for our shelled friends, called La Docena. In fact, you'd have no reason to try any other places, I think, except that line-ups are insane! Which led us to ponder where else to enjoy this delicacy, finally landing us at... L'Huîtrerie!

A much smaller place. But also a lot less people. Especially if you want to sit at the bar, which works out great for us because we LOVE sitting at the bar (some Japanese nostalgia there?) and because most people here clearly prefer sitting at a table. Yay! Also, L'Huîtrerie, true to its name, has a peculiarity: as a French-style oyster bar, your oysters arrive with the adductor muscle (the muscle holding the oyster to the shell) still attached. As it happens, the French consider this keeps the oysters the freshest possible. It does involve just a bit of manoeuvring to detach the meat, but nothing too complicated. 

Anyhow, all three different kinds of oysters we tried were superb. Like, totally delicious. Although the clear winner were their Kumiai ones. Such a rich, layered flavour! So, now we've got two brilliant options and in bordering neighbourhoods, eh?

Oh, and, by the way, please please please, do slurp the liquor in the shell along with the oyster, and do chew it well at least 3-4 times! There was a couple sitting near us, and the guy would first drain all the liquid out, then pick the meat with the fork, and finally swallow it whole. An awful sight, LOL.

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