Saturday, April 01, 2017

International Women's Day

March 8 marked International Women's Day. As in many places, numerous events and activities took place. But I wanted to call your attention to one by the Hemiciclo a Juárez (a monument to president Benito Juárez) – a demonstration by trans women. 

March 8 serves as a reminder that we have not reached an equal world yet. And that women still face more obstacles just by virtue of their gender. But there is one group of women that faces way more discrimination, much more horrible violence, and a lot less recognition – trans women. 

They have it so bad, there are even feminists that won't allow them in their events because, in theory, at some point in their lives, they enjoyed male privilege. Which sort of doesn't make sense, since they've always identified as female. But that's a discussion for another post.

I was glad to see these brave group of women making some noise, making themselves visible, and reminding us how far we still have to go so we won't forget to press on.

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