Saturday, March 25, 2017

Biblioteca Vasconcelos

A few weeks ago we went to our favourite Russian restaurant, Kolobok and, on the way back, we passed by a public library, the Biblioteca Vasconcelos. We had some time, we were curious (neither of us had ever been inside), so we decided to have a look.

Wow. Like, the place consists almost entirely of hanging bookcases!? It's huge, airy, with lots of natural light, it looks really crazy with the whole structure just hanging above you, you can even experience some fun vertigo by leaning over from the upper levels if you want... Loved it! And what else did I love? That we could walk in just like that! No need for an ID to just waltz in and research or do your homework? Amazing. Sure, if you want access to the computers (plenty of those, by the way), or to take a book with you, you'll need a library card. But if you're happy to do your business the traditional way, with books, a notebook and a pen (and/or a smartphone to take photos of important data), you're set!

It also made me very happy to see lots of people making use of it. I believe it did cost a fortune. But it looks great, even sci-fi-y, and it's definitely serving its function. Left there feeling good. 

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