Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Skirt fetish party

Back in Toronto – wow, those days seem so far away now! – I had plenty of opportunities to wear my kilt. There were plenty of fetish parties, there was Pride, there was Halloween... If you wanted to wear something unusual or special, you never lacked a chance.

So, when I read online there was a party coming were you were supposed to wear skirts or anything similar, I jumped at the opportunity! Sure, no "strict dress code" was announced, it was more like a "gentle suggestion" to wear a skirt/dress/kilt, with the corresponding risk of ending up as the only one in attire. But I decided I had to give it a chance anyways.

And lo and behold, it wasn't only a sea of skirts, dresses and kilts, but some guys even decided to wear heels, and a few people even wore something more appropriate for a carnival than a fetish party! That plus a general lack of attitude (though the admission price did make it a rather white event, no two ways around it, eh?), some curious performances, and very good music made for a nice party. 

I hope I can catch a few more of these! Oh, wait, I did catch another queer event next night! But that's on my next post, right?

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