Thursday, February 09, 2017

Happy Chinese Year of the Rooster!

We've been celebrating the Chinese Spring Festival since 2005 or so. It's become part of who we are and we're always on the lookout for festivities, events and, more than anything, authentic places for a festive meal!

So it's no surprise that this year we headed to the China Town that has sprung up east of Mexico City's "Viaducto" subway station the last few years. And even though we are most definitely northerners when it comes to what Chinese food we love most – I mean, all those years in Beijing! – we decided to go to Jing Teng, a Hong Kong style restaurant, with a bunch of friends.

How good was the dim sum? Well, so good that we kept grabbing bamboo steamer after bamboo steamer and only thought about taking pictures after we were completely stuffed! 

Oh, and since Renri (人日), the birthday of humankind according to Chinese tradition, was last Friday, I've already added one year to my "western age", as I've been doing since I studied in Beijing back in 1997. Yeah, weird stuff. But China changes you, you know? ;-)

Anyhow, hopefully this year of the rooster will bring experiences as good as the food we started the year with!

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