Thursday, February 16, 2017


Friday I went to this party at Bahía Bar. It was called TAYMCH, or Te amaba y me chingaste (I loved you and you fucked me over). A funny way to celebrate Valentine's Day with some sarcasm, gender-queer DJ's, fantastic music, people showing off their vogueing skills – it so makes you want to be able to move like that too! – and good ole' engaging in lots of PDA.  

I like this place. They have fun parties but, better than anything, it's a huge straight-friendly space that allows for dancing and moving around and chatting, and the crowds that attend are pretty relaxed and easy going. Excellent to celebrate TAYMCH day!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Wrestling – Mexican style

I think practically all Mexicans have seen Mexican "lucha libre" (free-style wrestling) at one time or another, but most probably only on TV, as a number films and series with wrestling scenes are plentiful (including Netflix's Sense8!).

But watching them live? Now that's something not that many people do. But a colleague of mine is having friends visiting from the USA in May, and she wanted to go have the experience herself before committing to taking them to the lucha libre. So, we gathered a small group of people, bought our tickets for the Arena Coliseo in the old centre of the city, and off we went! 

That photo above is a poster for the day, and below is a vendor of wrestling masks and other paraphernalia. 

We knew we were in for an interesting experience, but we got way, way more than that! These people really do know how to put up a show! Many are just such colourful characters, including "cavemen", "felines" and even a "gay dude"?! By the way, this is most definitely an incredibly non-PC kind of event. But I swear, it's one of a kind! 

And despite its lack of political correctness, it's gender inclusive, because there was also a match between all-female teams! Those women were fierce and strong as hell!

There's comedy, there's some violence, but there's also plenty of acrobatics! Some of these wrestlers made incredible jumps and twists from the ropes, sometimes even landing below before the public, from where they continued the wrestling! Like, a number of times security personnel had to quickly move to escort spectators out of their seats because the wrestlers were carrying their business right to them!

All in all, brilliant fun. The show lasted two hours, with some 4-5 different matches, and it was incredibly entertaining. Sure, the public likes to taunt the wrestlers with colourful cursing like you've never heard before, but you should also take that as part of the show.

I absolutely recommend anybody to go at least once.

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Happy Chinese Year of the Rooster!

We've been celebrating the Chinese Spring Festival since 2005 or so. It's become part of who we are and we're always on the lookout for festivities, events and, more than anything, authentic places for a festive meal!

So it's no surprise that this year we headed to the China Town that has sprung up east of Mexico City's "Viaducto" subway station the last few years. And even though we are most definitely northerners when it comes to what Chinese food we love most – I mean, all those years in Beijing! – we decided to go to Jing Teng, a Hong Kong style restaurant, with a bunch of friends.

How good was the dim sum? Well, so good that we kept grabbing bamboo steamer after bamboo steamer and only thought about taking pictures after we were completely stuffed! 

Oh, and since Renri (人日), the birthday of humankind according to Chinese tradition, was last Friday, I've already added one year to my "western age", as I've been doing since I studied in Beijing back in 1997. Yeah, weird stuff. But China changes you, you know? ;-)

Anyhow, hopefully this year of the rooster will bring experiences as good as the food we started the year with!

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Trans Rage

Remember I had mentioned I had been to another queer event? Friday was Skirt, the fetish party. Saturday was Trans Rage (Furia Trans), an alien/rockabilly non-trans friendly event at a feminist space in the historic centre of the city called Punto Gozadera (Pleasure Point)!

Unlike the previous day's event, the ridiculously low admission price meant there was a very diverse crowd – all skin colours, all genders (including transmen, transwomen, genderbenders), all looks... The music selection was about as eclectic as the crowd, spanning decades. The walls were covered in feminist messages, and there were also some curious items on sale like books on the power of the pussy and mugs mocking male privilege. 

Just my kind of place and crowd, loved it!

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Skirt fetish party

Back in Toronto – wow, those days seem so far away now! – I had plenty of opportunities to wear my kilt. There were plenty of fetish parties, there was Pride, there was Halloween... If you wanted to wear something unusual or special, you never lacked a chance.

So, when I read online there was a party coming were you were supposed to wear skirts or anything similar, I jumped at the opportunity! Sure, no "strict dress code" was announced, it was more like a "gentle suggestion" to wear a skirt/dress/kilt, with the corresponding risk of ending up as the only one in attire. But I decided I had to give it a chance anyways.

And lo and behold, it wasn't only a sea of skirts, dresses and kilts, but some guys even decided to wear heels, and a few people even wore something more appropriate for a carnival than a fetish party! That plus a general lack of attitude (though the admission price did make it a rather white event, no two ways around it, eh?), some curious performances, and very good music made for a nice party. 

I hope I can catch a few more of these! Oh, wait, I did catch another queer event next night! But that's on my next post, right?