Tuesday, January 10, 2017

the San Juan market

I had long wanted to share a few pics of the Mercado de San Juan (Saint John's Market?). People have been doing business at this very same spot since Colonial times, apparently. So even though the structure of the building is quite recent, the market itself is centuries old.

Also, it's one of hell of a fantastic place to buy food! You can buy all sorts of exotic meats, from ostrich to armadillo, you can buy both local and oriental fruit and vegetables, all sorts of spices, and even edible flowers! 

Though the prices are somewhat on the pricey side, they do reflect the quality of the produce. There was this day I wanted persimmons. Now, that's one pesky fruit - it goes bad easily, it bruises just by looking at it, and if it's not ripe it tastes and feels absolutely foul. But the ones I bought there? At their ideal ripeness point and super delicious! It's the one place you're practically guaranteed that, whatever you buy, it's gonna be top quality and fresh.  

If someone had told me I would end up living just walking distance from this market in the centre of the city, I would have laughed. And now I can go anytime and get, say, persimmons! A lovely and surprising turn in my life.

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