Thursday, January 19, 2017


This is my first 2017 post that is actually about something that happened in 2017. And I'm glad I begin this year's posts with this – a very intimate performance by butohka Gustavo Thomas. 

The place – his studio in the centre of Mexico City. The crowd – only some 20 people who have been close to his work as a Butoh performer or as a performance artist. The concept – an improvised performance from him, to us, to thank us for our presence and to celebrate the beginning of a new year. The improvisation's name – Obsequio (Gift).

He being him, and the idea being one of giving, of sharing what you most value, made this a raw, intimate, moving performance that included childhood memories, a suit, a Oaxaca "resplandor" or traditional headdress, flowing wine, a toast both personal and communal... 

Artistically speaking, I've been following this man's Butoh explorations for at least 4 years, as a photographer, as a videographer, as location scout, as mere observer, as supporter... Even after seeing all I've seen, after his improvisation I turned and told a friend – the dude's effing mad. And I meant that as the highest compliment, and we were lucky we could at least temporarily partake of his madness within those old, slightly slanting walls in an old street of this chaotic world.  

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