Thursday, January 05, 2017

Buenos Aires day 5 – beef and beer

A feast for your eyes

We really wanted to have a look at the inside of Teatro Colón, considered one of the three best opera houses in the world. But we weren't too enthusiastic for the rather high fee for a guided tour, so we did a bit of research at the venue... and we secured free tickets for a morning concert! Yay! 

Frankly, if you could judge a place by its photo, this would be a fantastic example. And the acoustics? Amazing! 

I will admit, though, that we weren't that crazy about the concert, and left about halfway through – to the great annoyance of our row companions, as we were sitting in the very middle. Awkward...

And a feast for your mouth!

After that, we headed to the day's main activity – the Feria de San Telmo! A blocks-long bazaar of crafts, antiquities, trinkets, and whatnot in a really pretty part of town where, on top of that, you can find some images and even a statue of Mafalda, the main character of an Argentinean comic strip that became very famous in Latin America (and, apparently, even elsewhere).

Oh, and besides the bazaar, an old pharmacy, the old market and the people, we were there for another thing – to try the famous Argentinean parrillada (grill)! This we did at Desnivel, and while a platter of offal was a tad difficult for us to stomach (well, actually just one strange item, called chinchulines), the grilled provoleta (Argentinean provolone cheese) and the meat we had were out of this world. So delicious the portion we got served seemed too small! Especially next to the gigantic bottle of Quilmes beer we ordered with it! LOL

The wise thing after that meal would have been not to eat anymore. But I mean, a parrillada and no dessert? What are we, Neanderthals? So we had a walk around the streets – a very necessary walk, given how full we were – and then we chose this very cute café called La Poesía (the Poetry), where we had some more of that always perfect Buenos Aires coffee and... traditional alfajores! Wow, those things looked so nice! Unlike the pre-packaged ones, these were veritable dulce de leche sandwiches, with a huge dollop of the sweet stuff sandwiched between two cookies covered in confectioners sugar. Nice!

Naturally, more walking around the central area was in order. So much food! Ah, but not before I bought a nice bracelet. I mean, you can't go to a bazaar and leave empty-handed, right? And anyhow, you can never see too much beautiful architecture, gorgeous doors, imposing towers...

After all these days of experiencing Buenos Aires to the maximum, we were exhausted, and I think we had like a super long nap! Probably the meat and alfajores didn't help much in keeping us awake either, right? LOL. But at night we felt like having a nice craft beer. We were actually heading to a place that was closed, but then we backtracked a bit and came across this other one – Growlers – right across a wall painted in fun colours and designs, and we proceeded to have one of the best porters I've ever tried. So, so good! And sitting at an outdoor table by the graffiti? Awesome! A great way to end the day.

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