Wednesday, December 28, 2016

more Korea in Mexico City!

After I returned from Nairobi we went for a stroll at what I wonder if we should stop calling Zona Rosa and start calling Koreatown! Not only have Koreans opened numerous restaurants and small shops in this traditionally gay area, but the Korean cultural presence has become so strong that Mexico City's first Korean festival took over a few streets of Zona Rosa early December!

There were Mexican groups singing and dancing K-Pop, and Mexican fans that sang along the Korean lyrics!

There were stands for explaining food culture, as well as the Korean language and alphabet!

And even a number of workshops for Korean crafts!

It is funny that, now that I've been to Korea three times, Korean culture is also becoming quite the reference for a number of young Mexicans. And the very least this will mean for me is even more options for Korean food for me right here, right? Yay! 

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