Thursday, December 29, 2016

Buenos Aires day 0 – Panama!

I won't deny it, this year's been crazy travel-wise! Most of it work related, for sure. But I had to find a way for the me and the habibi to spend some quality time and travel together, right? So, we exchanged some air miles I didn't even know I had and, thanks to my ignorance about their existence, we had accumulated enough to fly us to... Buenos Aires! Sure, we had to travel barely 2 days after I returned from Nairobi, but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to fly to a place we could otherwise not afford because, in case you didn't know, a direct flight from Mexico City to Buenos Aires takes over NINE hours! 

But direct is something we couldn't do, because air miles, right? Before getting to Buenos Aires, we had to stop for a night in Panama City, both on the way there and back. Isn't it ironic that I had to spend 4 days in Panama for work, and now I was back on a very long layover? But the habibi had never visited, so this actually worked in my favour!

Anyhow, we were only very briefly there. We arrived to Panama City at night, so we simply enjoyed the city views from the guesthouse's rooftop, and then we went for a beer to la Rana Dorada, in Casco Viejo, the historic UNESCO Heritage part of the city we were staying at. And the beers were not bad at all! Panamanian craft beers! They even had  a porter!

Next day we would have simply taken a cab to the airport, but the habib wanted to get up to see the sunset from Casco Viejo, so we got early - way earlier than I would ever do - and went up to the rooftop for some really beautiful sunrise views...

And afterwards, since we were already up, and since it wasn't that hot - though it was quickly beginning to feel warm - we went for a walk of Casco Viejo and a promenade by the sea, for more views of both the old and the new parts of the city.

At some point we had to go back to the guesthouse because it was getting too hot, and we had to have breakfast! Oh, by the way, our room had this slanted ceiling with a couple windows, which gave you a curious view of the city in the distance. Nice! And breakfast was pretty good, too. Coffee was very dark and very strong, and I had what the menu called a Panamanian Breakfast - how could I not give that a try! It consisted of meat strips with green peppers and some sauce (pretty good, actually) and what they said were corn tortillas, but which looked unlike any corn tortillas I had ever seen! So I did get something unique, right?

For our very brief stay, and considering that this was just a layover, it was good. But our main goal and happy destination was Buenos Aires! So after a few more views from the city after takeoff, we veered south for a 6-7 hour flight to the "Europe of America"... 

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