Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Taiwan, Taiwan... in Mexico City

You know when you stumble upon something really good by accident thanks to a "bad" thing happening to you? We wanted to have Korean food, and went to this part of town with a number of Korean restaurants. We saw a new one, and decided to try the food there. Now, in most Korean restaurants, you get cool water as a matter of service. But when I asked for some at this place, they said they only sold bottles, by instruction from the owners. Now, it is not only illegal not to serve plain water for free, but I mean, when every other Korean restaurant offers it to you without the slightest of fuzz? I figured the whole food and service might suffer from the stinginess of the owner, and we left. We headed for a Korean café not far from there. And that's when we saw a new Asian place. 

We approached. It was called Green Asian Cuisine. We saw they offered dimsum. We figured, "Dimsum? Why not!". And we lucked out, 'cause the food there was amazing! So authentic! Sure, it was sort of kind of pan-Asian, but it was mostly Chinese-Taiwanese! We were just in love with the dumplings, the cakes, the gyoza...

And the proof that this was as authentic as it could be? Watermelon for dessert! Yes, this place was kosher Taiwanese!

That would have been great if that had been all. But the manager approached and we chatted a bit, in Mandarin. And then he invited us to some party they had upstairs once we finished lunch! Well, I was curious as hell so, once we were done, we went upstairs... and lo and behold, they had dart machines! They gave us membership cards, and set one of the machines for us! We were surrounded by Asian people, mostly Korean and Cantonese. It was so weird and, in a way, I felt like we had been sucked by a vortex and spit out in Beijing! It felt so surreal! I mean, there was Chinese food, for free. And I was chatting in Chinese with the manager and his assistant... Even my habibi remembered the Chinese he learned when we lived in Beijing! Very, very crazy. And fun. Those machines were not half-bad!

Since it was some sort of opening party, together with the free membership and darts there was, of course, beer...

...and whiskey! Like, what? Whiskey shots for everybody!

That was one completely unexpected, crazy, fun, delicious experience. I'm so glad they wanted to sell us bottled water at that Korean restaurant! 

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