Monday, November 21, 2016


End of October my habibi participated in a performance as part of a workshop called "becoming an image", based on a concept called "photo-performance", led by Manuel Vason. This was an interesting foray by my habib into a performance medium that focused on photography and, basically, external images, as opposed to the very internal processes he goes through when doing Butoh. Then again, not being an artist myself, I might have misunderstood everything, too, right?

Anyhow, these are some images of that performance, called Photohealing, at the Ex Teresa Arte Actual, a convent-cum-performance space. The performance? Intriguing. Captivating. Peacefully chaotic. Intimate. Alienating. Yes, all of that.

The red light was meant for the performers to take photos (they were, so to speak, human cameras) that would then have to be processed as black&white, revealing new images. But since I was there as a spectator, I've decided to leave them with the original red lighting, as I saw it.

I take it living with my dude will be a cool never-ending artistic-exploration, eh?

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