Friday, November 25, 2016

Panama – the new

When you drive from Panama Tocumen airport to Panama City it's quite a sight, to be honest. As you approach, numerous modern skyscrapers rise ahead of you and give you an almost surreal image. Sort of like a Latin American Dubai. The view from my hotel window, though far from being the most impressive one, was still remarkable enough... Plus, it had the added benefit of facing east, for a gorgeous sunrise one of the days I was there...

And my walks around Casco Viejo kept offering impressive views of the new part of the city, sometimes with overlapping glimpses of the old. Or the very modern, like an oil rig?

We were lucky enough to be taken to Panama's Canal. Well, at least the old one, the Exclusas Miraflores. The new, much bigger one, was too far. But still, this one was well worth the visit – the difference in water levels is huge! This is one amazing feat of engineering, no doubt. 

Another cool thing? The subway! Sure, it had a single line, but it was modern, it had AC, it was spacious... Not bad!

These last two pics are from Casco Viejo (the first one) and from the road to the airport (the second one). Do note the twisting tower on the right side of the second photo! 

So, not bad for a quick trip. I hear the rest of the country has gorgeous natural places, and its not as crazy expensive as the capital is. But still, I will admit that it was a very curious thing to see the three sides of the oldest European settlement on the Pacific Ocean...

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