Friday, October 28, 2016

Seoul again – odds and ends

Finally, the post where everything else goes! The odds & ends post! LOL. No particular order, no particular theme, just the last batch of memories I wanted to keep here and share.

1. Korea is also called the land of the morning calm. My arrival to Incheon Airport was not in the morning, but at sunset. Still, the sun, the sea, the clouds, some islands... gorgeous and really soothing.

2. What every washroom everywhere should have: controls for water and air, for temperature, angle and whatnot, to leave you squeaky clean and perfectly dry after you go do your business.

3. Just some urban bridge scenes from when I took the subway to the National Museum of Korea. I had few opportunities to catch glimpses of the landscape during daylight, and I liked the views from this bridge across the river.

4. Some cool architecture, like a building called Urban Hive, a lit up bridge (which I crossed a couple of times to get to a subway station), three floating artificial islands called Some Sevit (took the picture after one really long nocturnal walk).

5. Tradition is very strong, despite all the modernity of the city. So why not some traditional Korean fashion? Taken near my hotel.

6. Party! There's this area called Itaewon. It gets incredibly busy with thousands of people going to hundreds of clubs, bars, restaurants... Given the hilly nature of the city, you come across a few alleys with interesting things, like one full of mini-establkishments with trans people, one full of Muslim restaurants and services from every corner of the broad Muslim world, and a gay alley with a bar whose owner is extremely friendly and effusive and literally drags people from the street into the bar with the most charming of ways.

And that's it! A really short 3 day work trip, but you can't say I didn't enjoy my little free time fully! 

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