Sunday, October 30, 2016

a most unplanned Birthday

My days are spent working very long hours, planning way too many work-related things, and organizing way too much. So, when my birthday approached, I had but one wish – not to have to foresee, organize, plan, think in advance, get anybody together anywhere for anything... I wanted just to let things flow and enjoy a day of absolute unplannedness. And my habib complied. My superhero.

At midnight he sang the mañanitas to me, and when I said I wanted to go dancing to a club called Puerca, he simply said "Ok, let's go!". So my birthday started with music and dance! Yeah! 

The morning of my birthday, at some point after getting up, I simply said "I want to go for ramen. At Rokai". That was for a sort of early lunch or brunch, at the best place in the city for ramen. The funniest thing is that people oftentimes don't ask for noodles there, but sushi! Which is also great quality, but the ramen? Out of this world. Plus we sat at the bar – another thing people here don't seem to quite like – and enjoyed watching the staff cook and prepare the food. Love that! We ordered tantanmen (担々麺, or タンタンメン), which is actually the Japanese version of Sichuan (Chinese) dandanmian or Dandan noodles (擔擔麵), which I loved back when we lived in China! Oh, and gyoza! We had delicious, fried gyoza (ギョーザ)! Another Japanese take on Chinese dumplings (jiaozi, 餃子), by the way.

After that great beginning, I bought tickets for an animation with Seth Rogen, James Franco and many others, called Sausage Party. But since we still had time, we headed to one of the better French bakeries around, Maison Kayser. To have what? Well, me, a café Viennois and a macaron! Nice!

The film was hilarious! I laughed so hard! I did expect some risqué humour by James Franco and Seth Rogen, but this was over the top! Awesome!

The rest of the day was spent like that. I thought of one of my favourite beer places (Hop), he took me there. At home, I practically demanded some adult fun. I got it. 

The perfect birthday, at least under my current state of mind – having simple desires, and fulfilling them. That and a few messages on Facebook from close friends. :-)

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