Wednesday, October 19, 2016

15 in the Peruvian Andes – yet more of colourful and peaceful Pisaq

Our second day in Písac we went to the nearby ruins, but that deserves a separate post, which I'm publishing tomorrow. So this post is about everything else on our second day... like a most delicious breakfast with fantastic Peruvian avocado, sweet granadilla, bread from a bakery in Písac... Excellent to start the day!

And after the ruins we enjoyed one last afternoon around town, which was even more peaceful than the day before, as this was no special market day. I got hold of some rice- and milk-based dessert whose name I can't remember, but which was so soft and airy and refreshing! 

Also, remember that furnace I had mentioned where they baked bread and empanadas, and where they grilled cuy? Well, to the side they had some of their cuy for show. Yikes, looking at these cute fellows and knowing what horrible things they become once grilled... Like, who could eat cuy after seeing this?

Also, it was Día de la Pachamama, or Mother Earth's Day, and people had thrown confetti in the shape of gold coins, as "payment" to the Pachamama and as a wish for a good year. 

We had another relaxed time at another balcony (Blue Llama), and had what they call Causa Limeña, which is a sort of pre-Hispanic cold dish made by layers of a soft yellow potato with ají (chile), avocado, chicken or tuna, and lime. Delicious! And that was followed by a pretty good espresso downstairs, where the habib and me just laid back, chatted, and let time pass... ah....

I had read that a sort of plastic flower on a broomstick signalled places that sold chicha de jora (aqha in Quechua), which is  a local fermented corn drink. Basically, craft corn beer! I couldn't resist curiosity and went in one of these places... Loved it! Lots of posters on indigenous festivals and Quechua pride, colourful religious altars, and two women serving huge glasses of chicha from a big recipient. Cheers!

More walks around town led us to the food market, with its beautiful and multi-coloured corn, as well as a vegan place where we bought some stew and chocolate truffles for dinner. Because, you know, all of Písac is Ayahuasca/hippy-ish, so of course you had to find a vegan place! LOL

Before leaving the town to go back to our room, we had one last drink from a balcony overlooking the square. This time, I wanted to try Pisco straight, instead of the cocktail they call Pisco Sour. But travellers so rarely ask for straight Pisco that the waiter brought me a Pisco Sour instead! When I told him that what I really wanted to try was the liquor, he brought me a shot, and gave me the Pisco Sour for free! You don't get drunk on two of these, but you certainly feel a bit happier...

Back at our lodging, it was time for another beautiful sunset by rugged Pachatusan, followed by dinner (that vegan stew was fantastic!), and later that night, Milky Way watching. I went out several times, actually, because the Milky Way not only extended from side to side of the valley, but it actually shifted in the course of a few hours in an arc above our heads, first being closer to the horizon, then right above our heads, then towards the other side... What a moving spectacle. It's such a crazy feeling looking at the heart of our galaxy, and to realize how far away and how insignificant we are...    

Next morning we said goodbye to this part of Cusco, and headed for one last day in Cusco City. Although, remember, my next post is on the ruins by Písac, so we're not quite done with this place yet!

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