Friday, October 21, 2016

15 in the Peruvian Andes – Farewell Qosqo, farewell Peru

At long last, the final post on our Peru trip! What can I say, work has been crazy these last few months! Anyhow, on to the final episode: Cusco, again!

We left Písac in the morning, and soon we were back in Cusco, from where we'd take our flight to Lima and then Mexico City the following day. It was pretty cool because, after our touring of the rest of the region, I think we were more in tune to appreciate what the city had to offer.

For one, I most definitely wanted to see if I could get a Quechua manual from the Quechua Academy on the same street as our guesthouse. And luckily, it was open! Not only did I find a book, but the person who sold it to me was a native Quechua speaker, so I could actually ask her some questions about pronunciation! Woohoo! This manual will remain one very curious possession in my personal library, as it mixes language lessons with a very peculiar view of the world. Maybe a too negative one of Western languages and cultures. But still, it made for a fantastic souvenir.

Then we headed to the Museo Inka. Unfortunately, it was not allowed to take photos inside. But I absolutely recommend you visit it if you can – it has such a wealth of information on all the other cultures of Peru besides the Inca! It was fascinating looking at all the different kinds of art these cultures produced, and it gives you an idea of the diversity of the region throughout its history.

Not only that, but near the end of the halls you arrive to the conquest and colonization section, where you can actually read reproductions of orders given by the Spanish to seek out, document, and publicly destroy every single native religious item. To arrest and kill anybody who offered resistance. I mean, we all know that these were the general orders all along the continent, but to actually read the language used was pretty shocking. Frankly, what a bunch of bastards, the Spanish of the time.   

We visited a few more historical buildings, walked along some of our favourite streets, enjoyed one last visit to the Plaza de Armas...

We decided to have one last good meal once more at A Mi Manera, where we had some alpaca with quinoa and crema volteada (Peruvian flan). Of course, the food was delicious, as last time. A nice final taste of Peruvian cuisine...

Finally, for dinner, we went back to Cholos Taproom for a nice local stout, a burger, and their big and unique Peruvian fries with chile sauce. We were very tired, after all our travelling, and this was a very nice way to seal the trip. After all, we had to get up at 4am or so next day to catch our super early flight...

The flight back to Lima, the next day, was as impressive as the flight into Cusco. The Andes are so unbelievable beautiful from high up! And I had one very last dip into Peru's flavours – Inca Kola! I never dared spend a single cent on that soft drink, so now was my chance to have a sip for free! It tasted just like bubbly sugary yellow-green coloured medicine should. LOL

This last pic? That's from our approach to Lima. Remember in one of my first posts how I talked about a thick layer of fog or mist hanging above the city all winter? The garúa? Well, this is it. I've never seen clouds as densely packed as these! And once our descent to Lima began, you could see nothing, and it took forever to clear it! Wow!

And with this I finally finish this story about a most impressive anniversary trip to a place that offered us plenty of pleasant surprises. Another one for the memory lane highlights.

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