Friday, September 23, 2016

Butoh by the Zócalo

So, last weekend the habib told me a photographer wanted to do a shoot of him performing Butoh. By Mexico's main square – the Zócalo. And we'd have to be there on a Sunday at 7:45am. Of course I had to say yes! I mean, he had never done an improvisation in the city – he had performed for audiences, but he had never found a spot and began improvising, like he's done at countless other locations abroad. Plus, the photographer (Adampol Galindo) is a globe-trotting dude with some very cool work. And besides, someone had to do the practical job of looking after these guys' stuff while they were focused on the performance, right?

What was supposed to be a short 10-15 minute improv turned into a 55 minute one. Adampol ran out of memory. My smartphone battery died. But we lucked out and both things happened almost near the end of my habib's improv.

So here you have, just a bland taste ('cause the photographer's finished work is probably going to be out of this world) of butohka Gustavo Thomas performing by the Zócalo one early Sunday morning... 

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