Sunday, September 11, 2016

a birthday dinner at El Bósforo

I've mentioned El Bósforo numerous times before. It's this narrow bar near our place with fantastic weird music and a nice selection of mezcal at reasonable prices. Well, some months ago they opened a restaurant right next to it, and the owners sure found a way of having Mexican food  – in an area jam-packed with Mexican food restaurants – that stood out.

It seems the food is from some very specific region or town, and therefore most of the time it sort of looks like something you might have had before, but not quite. And the habibi loves it, so this was a natural choice for his birthday last month!

The menu changes regularly, and this time we had guacamole with crickets and home-made tortilla chips (ok, ok, I think this is the one thing that never changes, LOL); some sort of pozole, but with beans... kind of like a mix between a bean soup and a pozole? Anyhow, it worked! And wat the habibi was most definitely after, octopus! Like I mentioned, most of these dishes have a twist, or are probably something you haven't had before, so it's kind of complicated to describe them. What I can say is that the habibi was very happy here, and that the food is great and I certainly suggest you make the effort to come to this place.

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