Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Well, we've now joined the club of kefir makers! Courtesy of a Romanian friend! We're experimenting loads to see what these little fellows like most. We are making one batch with whole milk (obviously, the kefir grains love this the most) and a vegan one with a number of plant-based milks. So far, beyond the obvious winner that is whole milk, very sweet soy milk seems to be giving us some nicely sour kefir, but not a very thick one yet. Gotta keep experimenting... 

Glad to incorporate more fermented items in our diet. I remember my mom used to make kefir when we were young, so I'm only to happy to have it again!

Ah, in case you're not quite familiar with kefir, it's also called búlgaros (at least in Mexico), and it's a way to transform milk, through a bacterial fermentation starter, into something more nutritious than yogourt, pro-biotic full and – in my opinion – more delicious thanks to its sour taste.

Here's to many kefir-filled mornings! Although I must admit to mixing kefir, whiskey and sugar in a martini glass, and absolutely loving the result... not your usual use of kefir, eh?

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