Thursday, August 18, 2016

back in NYC! – the people

Another highlight of visiting open, cosmopolitan, diverse cities like New York? People watching! For me, this is one huge pleasure, looking at people from different backgrounds interacting in the same spaces. I miss that from Toronto, a lot, so I can't help but notice it when I visit a similar place.

So, for example, during a concert at one of the city's parks, there was a bunch of non-straight guys... I guess I could say gay, but then again, who knows, maybe some were bi, or trans, or asexual... So, non-straight it is! LOL

And not far from them? A group of Muslim women, of course.

On a street not far from there, a group of Jewish men visiting a Chabad (an orthodox Jewish movement) building. 

Or how about people (mostly African Americans, at least the morning I passed by) playing chess on the street? Very cool! 

And I'm missing so many more groups and people I either didn't get to see or photograph because my free time was so limited. But did I see people from every shape, size, colour and attire there! 

So, there you have it, what I would call one of NYC's attractions - its people.

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