Saturday, August 13, 2016

Annie Leibovitz's women

By pure chance we found out about this Annie Leibovitz exhibition (Women: New Portraits) running from July 8th to 31st at Proyecto Público Prim, in Colonia Juárez. 

Now, this being Annie Leibovitz, there's not much I can say about her work that hasn't been said before, right? This was an amazing exhibition, with women from all walks of life – politics, arts, science, sport... It was an utter delight to stand there and watch, especially in such a curious location – a more or less abandoned palace. 

Kudos to Annie Leibovitz and the organizers. We can certainly have more representations of women, in all roles, playing all genders, being what they want to be.

At the entrance to the exhibition there was a wall with a sign that read "Mi héroe es..." (My hero is...). You were asked to think of a female hero, write her name, have your photo taken, and share it on Instagram with the tag #ShareYourHero. Nice exercise, you know? Getting people to think of female role models and heroes? And realizing it's harder than if you try to think of male ones? Me, I decided to cross out "héroe" (male hero) and write "heroína" (heroine, or female hero) above it, as a reminder about sexist language. Also, and despite her flaws (we all have them, come on), I decided to write Kate Bornstein's name as my heroine, as an important trans and gender activist.

All in all, a very nice morning.

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