Thursday, July 21, 2016

to co-operate is to share

Recently there was a workshop on flood risk management at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. The participants? A most unlikely group – Malawi, Mexico and the Netherlands – brought together by their co-chairing of a partnership (the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation) that seeks to improve development co-operation by making it more inclusive, more focused on results, more aligned with national priorities, and more transparent and accountable.  

This workshop is part of a bigger project that has already delivered an early flood warning system in Malawi, and that has brought much learning for Mexico and the Netherlands on triangular co-operation. 

Personally, I find it very inspiring when people get together and work to improve the quality of life of the others. And even though I find it ridiculously corny to partially quote the slogan of Mexico's Agency for International Development Co-operation (AMEXCID), to co-operate is indeed to share your best in order to face global challenges and grow together. Seeing representatives from the three countries sharing, learning, co-operating and making lives better was – if you allow me more corniness, since I've already gone down that road – beautiful.

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