Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Puerca nightclub

Well, the area we live in (the centre of the city) keeps changing. Now there's this new underground (literally, it's at basement level) nightclub. Now, the centre of the city has plenty of bars and clubs, but the vast majority tend to play the same music - and, it would seem, the same CD, as you'd rarely applaud the originality of the DJs, if there are any!

But then, there's Puerca (Pig). 

It's, like I had mentioned, underground. The people at the door are friendly. And bestestest of all? They have good DJs! The first night we went there was this amazing female DJ, and on subsequent nights they've always had someone doing the good job many other places in the area can't or won't. So refreshing!

Add to that that - again, unlike some other LGBTQ clubs in the centre of the city - it doesn't get dangerously packed and that it has a couple of very friendly drag-hostesses, and you get one very attractive place to go dance at.

Thumbs up.

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