Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Loose Blues, again

Remember last month I talked about a place called Loose Blues? A charming Japanese shop and restaurant in Colonia Juárez by Plaza Washington (Washington Square)? That first time we went all I had was one very delicious and refreshing Chicago beer. But I really wanted to try their Japanese food, so we went back. And it was well worth it.

I ordered rather basic stuff, you know? A miso soup, a mushroom donburi... But it's in the simple things that you can tell if a place is good. There was this undefined quality, that seasoning you can't quite place but that unmistakeably tells your palate that this is, indeed, very authentic Japanese food. Not fancy, no. But good. 

It's so cool we're expanding our options for this kind of food in the city!

And now that I got this pending post off my back, I can start writing about a very relaxed, nice week we had in super quaint Guanajuato!

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