Wednesday, May 25, 2016

El Nicho alternative music fest

A couple of weekends ago we went to the Centro Cultural de España en México (Spain's Cultural Centre in Mexico), in the historic centre, for the sixth edition of El Nicho, an alternative and experimental music festival.

The festival lasted a couple of days, and took place at a number of different venues. What we saw - or, more accurately, what we heard - at the cultural centre was really interesting, especially for the habibi. 

We were ushered into this big room, with loudspeakers all around, and explained that there was no "front" or "stage" - we were free to sit, lie down, or whatever, wherever, in the understanding that the compositions we were about to hear could use any of the loudspeakers, in any combination, depending on the artists' compositions. Describing the kind of music we heard is, obviously, rather difficult, due to its experimental nature. 

All I guess I can say is that one of the composers' was Kassel Jaeger, an important figure in French electronic and experimental music, and that we were subjected for an hour or more (it was hard to tell) to a very interesting mix of sounds and rhythms, which also had a directional nature (thanks to the play with the loudspeakers). With experiments like these, there's not much to be understood - you must simply be there, open up, and feel. Pretty much like watching Butoh (hence why my habibi found it even more interesting).

I've already marked my calendar to check out this event last year. It's nice to expose yourself to things you haven't before!

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