Sunday, April 03, 2016

from Sweden to Russia, with love

This person I met on my trip to Amsterdam joked that all my blog posts were about food. Of course, that's totally false, but it's not like it's completely removed from the truth either! LOL

So, to perpetuate the myth, here's yet another post about food...

Mexico City may not have the culinary diversity of Toronto (I mean, that's a really tall order, with Toronto being 50% foreign born), but if you take the time and look, you'll still find quite a few very interesting options when you can't simply hop on a plane to your nearest multicultural megalopolis or to the remote corner of the world where the cuisine of your craving originated.

Last weekend we had breakfast at Fika, a Swedish coffee place in Colonia Roma. Apparently - as per a friend of mine that lived a while in Sweden - the place is plenty authentic. In my opinion, the coffee wasn't as strong as I like it (I blame you, Beirut!), but the selection of sandwiches and cakes, most of them very Swedish inspired, is more than enough reason to come back and fika (Swedish for have a break for a coffee, maybe a snack)!

And, since you're already in the area, you could just take a look at this beautiful building at the corner of Guanajuato and Mérida, which happens to house Forever, a vegan restaurant. Of course, having just fika'd, all we did was look, eh?

And then, to tend to those Slavic roots, we headed to this place in Colonia Santa María la Ribera called Kolobok (I've written about it before) for some nice rassolnik (рассольник), a pear barley soup, ridiculously filling pelmeni (пельмени), and sweet soft syrnik (сырник) with smetana (сметана, sour cream) and varenye (варенье, fruit preserve). Oh, and a glass of kvass (квас, fermented rye bread drink)! 

I guess some of our days do revolve around food?

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