Wednesday, March 23, 2016

sunny, museumy A'dam

Remember the weather on my first day in A'dam? Cold, rainy, sleety, snowy? Well, my second day was the complete opposite! It was sunny! I looked out the window and couldn't believe what a gorgeous day it was! I had the same feeling like back in Toronto when spring was finally there and you could enjoy some sun! 

A Barcelona guy I had met the day before had invited me for breakfast, so I hurried out - sans scarf, sans gloves! hurray! - to meet him, stopping a few times on the way to take pictures of reflections of buildings on the water and of people playing a public piano at the train station, and to simply bask a bit in the sunshine!

Breakfast was very... European. Just a double espresso. But it was nice. We sat outside, enjoying the sun, drinking coffee, watching the water...

Fortunately, this guy wanted to show me a couple of places that gave me really nice views of the city. It was so pretty! Oh, and please note photo number 4 down here, with contemporary architecture, old Dutch architecture, and Chinese architecture (a floating restaurant in the middle)!

My bud was in film school, and had to leave for a shoot. I had decided I had to visit at least one museum, and decided on the Stedelijk Museum to see some contemporary and modern art. I know that most people will think my first choice should have been the Rijksmuseum, or the Van Gogh Museum. But I wasn't quite in the mood for those.

Anyhow, the walk across town, in this stunning weather, was simply amazing. I can't believe how picturesque this city is!

I finally made it to the Museumplein, a public square that holds the three museums I mentioned, plus the Concertgebouw. Below you can the the Rijksmuseum (with a sculpture in front that reads "I amsterdam") and the Van Gogh Museum. What you can't see are the huge line-ups for the Vang Gogh one! 

And the Stedelijk? Well, that's my next post.

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